"Learning Reason 9" on LinkedIn Learning

On Fridays, I focus on Heaven's Disciples Music. Today, I'm taking the Learning Reason 9 online course from LinkedIn Learning. I'm taking the course to help me prepare for the launch of the Lifecore Music Beats subdivision of HD Music. Even though I'm using Propellerhead Reason 10 to compose and produce our music, the Reason 9 courses are the latest so far on LinkedIn Learning.

The course comes with Reason project exercise files. Course topics and contents include–

  1. New in Reason 9.5.x
    • Using VST plugins in Reason
    • VST control voltage (CV) routing
    • MIDI drag and drop
    • Delay compensation
    • Hyper-Threading support
  2. Set Up
    • Set preferences
    • User interface overview
    • Navigate the Reason browser
  3. Record Audio
    • Record audio tracks
    • Record with the virtual guitar and bass amplifiers
    • Loop record
  4. Record Virtual Instruments
    • Record virtual instrument tracks
    • Create music with the players
    • Create synth lines with the RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
    • Create step-sequenced synth parts
    • Combine software instruments
    • Record automation of synth parameters
    • Live sampling
  5. Create Beats
    • Make beats with loops
    • Step-program drum beats with Redrum
    • Draw drum beats in the sequencer
  6. Edit Your Recording
    • Common sequencer functions and tools
    • Audio Slice editor
    • Vocal Pitch editor
    • Pitch and vocal synth effects
    • Bounce audio clips to MIDI
    • Tempo and time signature automation
    • Work with time stretch/compress
  7. Mix Your Recording
    • Mixer overview
    • Set levels and stereo pans
    • EQ (equalization)
    • Compression
    • Effect sends
  8. Finish Your Recording
    • Export tracks as individual files
    • Master your own recording