New 2020-06-24 Atlantica Space Opera Characters

The following are characters that I created yesterday for my Atlantica Worlds space opera.

Asylian Merc

This is a character I haven't named yet. He is a merc (a mercenary tracker) living on Planet Asylia in the Atlantica Asteroid Belt. He is the rebellious son of the evil Dr. Jaymus. He was discharged from the Atlantica Federation Spacefleet because of Dr. Jaymus. His face was scarred by a chimerasaur raptor created by Dr. J.

Dr. Jaymus is a leading HARP (Heuristics Atlantica Research Program) scientist, where he conducts questionable experiments.


One of my newest characters for our space opera is Jade. She was exiled by her Charite Church from the Atlantica Federation and onto Planet Asylia in the Atlantica Asteroid Belt. She is the only person in the planetary system that her friend, Dr. Jaymus' son, trusts. She is a spiritual person with great superpowers.

Atlantica Prime Hacker

I haven't come up with a name for this character yet. He is Jade's cyborg brother. He's a super-hacker with cybernetic eyes, arms, and part of his spine. He was injured in an Atlantica Federation Spacefleet training exercise when he was onboard a spaceship that crash-landed.

Google Earth Studio Early Access

I've been invited by Google to the Google Earth Studio early access.

Google Earth Studio is a web-based animation tool for Google Earth imagery. It allows users to create and render videos using Google Earth.

I'll be using Google Earth Studio, through Heaven's Disciples Labs, to see how it can be used for world building, starting with its use in studying geography, topography, and city planning.

The image below is of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, that I captured from Google Earth Studio.

I'm going to create videos of cityscapes for inspiration in modeling 3D buildings and cities for my video game development.